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.300 WSM History & Ballistics
.300 WSM, or 300 Winchester Short Magnum, is a centerfire short-magnum cartridge developed by Winchester in 2001 in order to fit more powder in closer proximity to the primer’s flash hole. The performance of the .300 WSM is similar to that of its older counterpart, the .300 Winchester Magnum, but the .300 WSM requires a lighter rifle and shorter action.

The long range and flat trajectory of .300 WSM rounds make them popular ammo for hunting elk, mule deer, whitetail, and similar game.
.300 WSM Specifications
A .300 WSM bullet’s diameter is .308 inches (7.62 mm), extending to the neck (.344 inches, 8.7 mm) and to the base (.555 inches, 14.1 mm) and rim (.535 inches, 13.6 mm). The case is 2.100 inches (53.3 mm) long, 2.860 inches (72.6 mm) in overall length. The rifling twist is 1:10. The primer is a large rifle magnum variety.
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